Rapid Blood Clotting Diagnostics
Anytime. Anywhere.

XaTek® Inc. is a privately held company, founded in 2016 and based in Cleveland, Ohio. Led by a team of experienced medical device market disrupters and inventors, we are driven to develop technologies that fulfill urgent and emerging healthcare needs. Our mission is to provide accurate, non-invasive, point-of-care visibility to a patient’s blood clotting risk profile.

The ClotChip® device is the realization of this mission as it is a portable, point-of-care device capable of providing both quantitative and qualitative measurements relevant to a patient’s entire hemostatic process.

This device leverages proprietary miniaturized dielectric spectroscopy to analyze single-drop whole-blood samples obtained from a routine finger stick to gain patient health insights. This method is sensitive to detection of both non-cellular (coagulation factors) and cellular (platelet) abnormalities in the hemostatic process and does not require prior knowledge of the patient’s potential condition or application-specific reagents to extract clinically useful data.

XaTek’s ClotChip® makes clinical evaluation of whole-blood coagulation radically more accessible and serves urgent needs for a number of clinical markets including treatment of patients with various blood clotting conditions as well as those being treated with anticoagulants.