When it matters most, ClotChip® provides answers.

ClotChip® makes clinical evaluation of whole-blood coagulation radically more accessible, at the point of care.


ClotChip® leverages dielectric spectroscopy to assess
whole-blood coagulation in an innovative and advantageous way.


ClotChip® technology is agnostic to the cause of the coagulation defect. This elegant simplicity means ClotChip works across markets with no special reagents.


The Innovation and simplicity of ClotChip® deliver clinical utility in providing ready access to inform clinicians of patient clotting ability at the point-of-care.

Unlike existing global hemostasis assays that require intensive training and specialized equipment, ClotChip® is positioned to profoundly alter the evaluation and clinical management of bleeding risk by making coagulation evaluation more accessible than ever before.

ClotChip received FDA breakthrough device designation in March 2020 and is currently in clinical studies.