The First Point-of-Care Diagnostic for Hemophilia & an Emerging Class of Anti-Coagulants
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ClotChip™ by XaTek

Innovative Diagnostic Solutions


An Introduction to XaTek's ClotChip Technology

As a platform technology, the ClotChip™ sensor from XaTek is agnostic to the cause of the bleeding disorder and is therefore uniquely situated to serve urgent needs of a number of medical different markets.  The XaTek device is sensitive to the entire hemostatic process, including platelet disorders.

XaTek will first pursue those markets with urgent clinical needs and that have no available point of care diagnostic solutions. The newly emerging anticoagulation drug category known as Target Specific Oral Anticoagulants (factor Xa inhibitors) will be the first drug-induced bleeding issue addressed. The orphan disease known as Hemophilia A & B will be the first congenital bleeding disorder that XaTek pursues. The clinical management of both of these medical conditions will be radically altered by the introduction of the ClotChip™ sensor from XaTek.